I am currently based out of California. I dropped out Architecture program to build by career in information technology.

In New York, my first startup 1800BusinessCards, I co-founded in 2010 (with my best friend Chris Mathews) and then left the startup after 2 years and moved to California to pursue my dream.

After multiple failures to create a product on Envato marketplace, in 2017 launched ListingPro, which quickly become the #1 best-selling WordPress directory solution on the planet.

Currently, I am the Product & Marketing guy for The team behind ListingPro.

Next big thing we are working on is CubeWP.

Lastly, I have a passion to take any ugly looking website and make it look very pretty (meet highest aesthetic standards) and also turn into a selling machine (higher conversion rate).

I am a dropout of school but later in my career I have invested in high impact boot camps such as 3 months intensive at Product School and 1 Year in Dan Martell’s SaaS Academy.

Sam Rizzi